Awards & Press


Sue Aman receives ProMED-mail 2013 Anniversary Award

ProMED-mail October 02, 2013

App of the Day: HealthMap's Outbreaks Near Me

News 10 ABC January 22, 2013

Dr. John Brownstein Wins Prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

U.S. National Library of Medicine October 23, 2011

National Design Triennial: Why Design Now

Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum May 13, 2010

Englebart Prize for Best New Collaborative Tool presented at conference at The Tech Museum

The Tech Museum of Innovation March 10, 2010


Harvard Medical School Researchers Awarded Twitter Data Grant

The Harvard Crimson April 23, 2014

Wikipedia Proves Useful for Tracking Flu

Matthew Hilburn
Voice of America April 23, 2014

Twitter offers data grants to three health-related projects

Aditi Pai
Mobi Health News April 22, 2014

Using Twitter data, Harvard Medical School to study food poisoning

David Harris
Boston Business Journal April 22, 2014

Wikipedia searches and sick tweets predict flu cases

Aviva Rutkin
NewScientist April 18, 2014

Wikipedia beats Google in helping researchers track flu season

Agata Blaszczak-Boxe
Yahoo News April 18, 2014

Wikipedia hits help track flu spread

Dan Harrison
The Sydney Morning Herald April 18, 2014

Your germy digital footprints are everywhere. Scientists are watching.

Beth Skwarecki
PLOS Blogs April 18, 2014

The Quest To Predict Flu Outbreaks Moves From Google To Wikipedia

Jessica Leber
Fast Company April 18, 2014

Wikipedia Searches Trace the Spread of the Flu

Charles Q. Choi
Popular Mechanics April 18, 2014

Wikipedia is better than Google at tracking flu trends

Rachel Feltman
Quartz April 18, 2014

The Flu Tricked Google. Can Wikipedia Do Better?

Joshua Brustein
Bloomberg BusinessWeek April 18, 2014

Disease Outbreak Warnings Via Social Media Sought by U.S.

Kathleen Miller
Bloomberg BusinessWeek April 11, 2014

Open Source Intelligence Offers Crystal Ball Capability

George I. Seffers
April 01, 2014

The Inevitability of Predicting the Future

Tim De Chant
PBS March 25, 2014

Exploring Insomnia By Studying Social Media Habits

Bob Oakes
WBUR February 28, 2014

Boston Children’s, Merck mine social media to study sleep health

Jonah Comstock
MobiHealthNews February 27, 2014

See if there's flu near you

February 21, 2014

Data analysis allows researchers to predict disease outbreaks

Ray Locker
USA Today February 13, 2014

Social Media and Disease: There's an App for That

Michael Smith
MedPage Today February 04, 2014

The flu could be your friend on Valentine's Day

Kevin Hartnett February 03, 2014

Avoid the Flu During Travel With These Crowd-Sourced Tips

Melanie Lieberman
Travel and Leisure January 30, 2014

Latest flu-related tech is largely about the greater good, not you

Elizabeth Armstrong Moore
CNET January 28, 2014

20 Children Dead from Flu: Officially an Epidemic

ABC News Dr. Richard Besser January 20, 2014

Une compétition de virus est anticipée à Sotchi

Huffington Post Quebec January 18, 2014

Flu Near You Wants To Track Influenza Trends in U.S., Save Lives

Gideon Resnick
The Daily Beast January 11, 2014

E-cigarettes take social scene by storm

Helen Branswell
The Star Phoenix January 11, 2014

Flu Or Just Crud? Latest Wrinkle In Flu Tracking: Home Tests

Carey Goldberg
WBUR January 10, 2014

Flu Near You on NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News January 09, 2014

Do I have the flu? (And why Big Data loves when you ask that)

Marketplace December 26, 2013

8 Apps That Will Save Your Life This Season

Miriam Rosen
The Weather Channel December 19, 2013

Dengue Fever: Another Formidable World Cup Opponent

Lynne Peeples
Huffington Post December 06, 2013

Trendspotting: 6 mapping trends that are good for business

David Strom
ITworld December 06, 2013

Vaccine Finder featured on the front page of November 01, 2013

Health I.T. vs. Influenza

Elizabeth Gardner
Health Data Management October 30, 2013

You may know a drug cocktail is dangerous before FDA

Chris Morris
CNBC October 29, 2013

Online Flu Tracking Not a Substitute for Shutdown CDC

Meg Wagner
Mashable October 12, 2013

CDC Hit By Shutdown But Others Track Flu

Carey Goldberg
wbur October 04, 2013

Flu season may be starting, but feds on furlough can't track it

JoNel Aleccia
NBC News October 03, 2013

Did you get your flu shot yet?

Dr. Claire McCarthy October 03, 2013