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Sue Aman receives ProMED-mail 2013 Anniversary Award

ProMED-mail October 02, 2013

App of the Day: HealthMap's Outbreaks Near Me

News 10 ABC January 22, 2013

Dr. John Brownstein Wins Prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

U.S. National Library of Medicine October 23, 2011

National Design Triennial: Why Design Now

Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum May 13, 2010

Englebart Prize for Best New Collaborative Tool presented at conference at The Tech Museum

The Tech Museum of Innovation March 10, 2010


How an algorithm detected the Ebola outbreak a week early, and what it could do next

Lyndsey Gilpin
TechRepublic August 26, 2014

Social Data for Ebola Surveillance

Jyoti Madhusoodanan
The Scientist August 26, 2014

Cell-Phone Data Might Help Predict Ebola’s Spread

David Talbot
MIT Technology Review August 26, 2014

Can Twitter Help Predict Foodborne Illnesses?

Victoria Kabak
Government Technology August 25, 2014

WHO: Ebola outbreak in Africa likely underestimated

Karen Weintraub
USA Today August 25, 2014

Ebola: Bringing mHealth to bear

Eric Wicklund
mHealth News August 22, 2014

HealthMap on the Doctors

The Doctors TV Show August 19, 2014

HealthMap on BNN

Business News Network August 18, 2014

Twitter Data Grants and Public Health

Victoria Kabak
Data-Smart CitySolutions August 15, 2014

How This Algorithm Detected The Ebola Outbreak Before Humans Could

John Paul Titlow
Fast Company August 13, 2014

Algorithm Detected Ebola Outbreak Before Official Alerts

Morgen Peck
IEEE Spectrum August 13, 2014

Ebola was flagged up by computer software nine days before it was announced

Ellie Zolfagharifard
Mail Online August 12, 2014

Tracking Ebola through online data

Ben Johnson
NPR Marketplace August 12, 2014

Web-based tool was first to spot Ebola

Mike Miliard
Healthcare IT News August 12, 2014

An Algorithm Spotted the Ebola Outbreak Nine Days Before WHO Announced It

Zoë Schlanger
News Week August 11, 2014

Here's how researchers in Boston spotted the Ebola outbreak before the World Health Organization

Timothy McGrath
Global Post August 11, 2014

How A Computer Algorithm Predicted West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak Before It Was Announced

Public Health Watch August 11, 2014

Where the Ebola outbreak is most likely to spread next

Julia Belluz
Vox August 11, 2014

HealthMap Uses Social Media to Help Track Ebola

Associated Press Television August 10, 2014

How mapping the Ebola outbreak may ease future health crises

Vicky Pasquantonio
PBS August 10, 2014

Ebola Detected By Website Nine Days Before WHO

Jayalakshmi K , Richard Cosgrove
International Business Times August 10, 2014

Boston trackers chart Ebola outbreak

Lindsay Kalter
Boston Herald August 09, 2014

Ebola Outbreak Flagged By Online Tool Before Formal WHO Announcement

Rodrique Ngowi
Huffington Post August 09, 2014

Online Ebola Tracker Beats WHO to the Punch

John Johnson
Newser August 09, 2014

US bots flagged Ebola before outbreak announced

Rodrique Ngowi
Yahoo News August 09, 2014

Site found Ebola outbreak first

Investors Business Daily August 08, 2014

Local Researchers Monitor Infectious Disease Outbreaks Around The World

Jim Armstrong
CBS Boston August 08, 2014

Digital health map tracks new Ebola cases in real time

Deborah Kotz
Boston Globe August 07, 2014

Meet the Bots That Knew Ebola Was Coming

Michael Scherer
Time August 05, 2014

Ebola Interactive Map Shows Virus Spread

Sydney Lupkin
ABC News August 05, 2014

Tracking ebola: 8 internet resources to help keep abreast of the epidemic

Andy Walker
memeburn August 05, 2014

Elaboran modelos para predecir casos de hantavirus en Chile

Cristina G. Pedraz
DICYT August 04, 2014

Social data a new source for disease surveillance

Shaun Sutner
TechTarget July 24, 2014

Fighting infectious diseases with the power of social media

Heather Unruh
WCVB-TV May 22, 2014

Tracking MERS With HealthMap

STRATEGY Magazine May 20, 2014

Searching Social Media for Drug Side Effects

John Tozzi
BloombergBusinessWeek May 19, 2014

Could Climate Change Spread Ticks and Mosquitoes In Connecticut?

Alan Yu
NPR May 13, 2014

Using Twitter as tool to track side effects from drugs

Deborah Kotz
The Boston Globe May 01, 2014

Sharing the Wealth: From research results to electronic health records, biomedical data are becoming increasingly accessible. How can scientists best capitalize on the information deluge?

Jef Akst
The Scientist May 01, 2014

Twitter is rich with adverse drug reaction data, but it’s hard to parse

Jonah Comstock
Mobi Health News May 01, 2014