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Linda L. Williford P... on Feb 22, 2015
What a shame this outbreak is! We had eradicated measles in the US with measles vaccine! Then parents grew complacent, not ever having seen what an ugly disease it is and not realizing how damaging, even lethal, that it can be. They failed to understand how important it is to vaccinated their children. Some feared the false stories about autism, spread by the false reports in the medical literature, now debunked, about a link between the condition and the vaccine. Such a tragedy! Now we must work hard to teach these young people that the danger lies in NOT receiving the vaccine. Now, the hard work of protecting our young children must be done all over again before they suffer the long-term effects of measles virus such as brain damage due to measles encephalitis. My own youngest grandson is only 7 months old, and I will be so happy when he's old enough to get his measles vaccination! As a life-long virologist, I trust the vaccine and am thankful for it!