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Cubaverdad on Aug 31, 2012
The regime says: no more cholera in Cuba. In Cuba (data from Sancti Spiritus) there are now only cases of "gastrointestinal infection by waterborne transmission". See: De las diarreas espirituanas, ni pío 30-08-2012 Osmany Borroto Rodríguez Agencia Yayabo Press Just like in 1997 (before the regime was forced to admit to the epidemic by Dr. Desi Mendoza) and people that died of hemorrhagic dengue had their death certificates listing the term "hipogolonico," i.e. to die without blood (having bled to death?) as cause. Normal dengue was reported as "influenza". Sources: Cases Appear to be Declining; Physician Jailed on Charges of "Enemy Propaganda" Published in Malaria Weekly, August 4th, 1997 PROHIBIERON DIAGNOSTICAR LA ENFERMEDAD