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Poliovirus Found in Cairo, Egypt
Jan 22, 2013 | Anna Tomasulo

According to the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office, wild poliovirus has been detected from two Cairo sewage samples. The strain detected is...

Over 100 Egyptian Children Face Mumps Outbreak
Oct 1, 2012 | Lauren Edmundson

Over 100 children have been affected by a mumps outbreak in Marashda, Egypt, with 43 cases and 70 infections reported. Officials at the ministry of...

A New Strain of Foot and Mouth Disease Threatens Egypt
Mar 30, 2012 | Dalia Shash

Egypt, a country that has seen significant change and upheaval in the past year, is now experiencing a severe outbreak of foot and mouth disease....

Egyptian seeds named as source of German and French E. coli outbreaks
Jul 1, 2011 | healthmap

Investigators at the European Food Safety Authority have found a common link in Germany’s and France’s recent E. coli outbreaks: contaminated...

Avian Influenza Returns
Dec 15, 2010 | healthmap

In recent weeks, avian influenza has returned to news headlines in several countries. On November 19th, a new human case of H5N1 was confirmed in a...

Special Edition: HealthMap's Increased Infectious Disease Surveillance for This Year's Hajj
Nov 12, 2010 | healthmap

Mass gatherings bring together people and pathogens (germs) from all over the world.  Such events present unique challenges to infectious disease...