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Dengue Bites Back
Jan 29, 2013 | Catherine Stecyk

Last week the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that dengue is the world’s fastest-spreading tropical disease. As reported by Reuters, dengue...

Unknown Fever May Be Spreading Across Sudan
Oct 29, 2012 | Katharina Schwan

Radio Dabanga, a news source from central Darfur, reports that a new, unknown fever has killed 37 individuals over the past three weeks in western...

Heartland Virus: New Phlebovirus Found in Missouri
Aug 30, 2012 | Anna Tomasulo

This morning, the New England Journal of Medicine published a brief report on two cases of a new virus discovered in Missouri. The virus has been...

Controlling the Spread of Dengue Fever?
Aug 25, 2011 | Anna Tomasulo

  Yesterday Nature magazine published an article covering two Australian studies that showed the ability of Wolbachia pipientis bacteria to stop...