rift valley fever

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Outbreak of Rift Valley Fever in Kenya
Jun 25, 2018 | Lindsay Bonesteel

  Since the beginning of June, Kenya has been experiencing an outbreak of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) with 26 reported human cases and six deaths [1]....

Rift Valley Fever Kills 17 of 34 Cases in Mauritania Outbreak
Nov 6, 2012 | Lauren Edmundson

An outbreak of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in Mauritania has now infected 34 humans and caused 17 deaths in the region, according to an update from the...

Rift Valley Fever Re-emerge in South Africa
Jan 26, 2011 | healthmap

A case of rift valley fever has been identified in Groot-Brakrivier in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Although only one case has been...