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Rubella in Taiwan: Second Case Confirmed
Apr 17, 2015 | Yuki Ara

On March 18th, a female flight attendant was confirmed to be infected with rubella in Taiwan [1].  Before she developed symptoms, she had a travel...

Rabies Reemerges in Taiwan After Half a Century of Silence
Aug 7, 2013 | Wenjie Bao

After being rabies-free for 52 years, the virus resurfaced in Taiwan among ferret-badgers and has caused great panic around the island. On July 16,...

Total Dengue Cases in Taiwan Break 1000 Mark this Past Week
Nov 9, 2010 | healthmap

A total of 1031 cases of dengue have been reported for the island of Taiwan since August this year. Among these, 13 were cases of dengue hemorrhagic...

Typhoon-related Melioidosis Outbreak in Taiwan results in 1 death
Oct 19, 2010 | healthmap

On October 15th, Kaohsiung City health officials reported 7 confirmed cases of melioidosis, including 1 death, in the aftermath of the Abigail van...