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Yemen Faces Worst Cholera Outbreak in Recent History
Jul 27, 2017 | Jackie Sheridan

  A cholera outbreak rages on in Yemen, a war afflicted nation of almost 30 million people on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. The epidemic...

Devastating Cholera Outbreak in War-torn Yemen
Dec 2, 2016 | Cheryl Lang

  The Problem The war-torn country of Yemen has been battling a significant cholera outbreak since mid-October of 2016. The number of suspected cases...

Mysterious outbreak in Hodaida Province (Yemen): Affecting Thousands, Five Dead
Nov 23, 2010 | healthmap

While originally reported as a dengue fever in our earlier blog post on the subject, an epidemic of what appears to be an unknown disease continues...

Special Edition: HealthMap's Increased Infectious Disease Surveillance for This Year's Hajj
Nov 12, 2010 | healthmap

Mass gatherings bring together people and pathogens (germs) from all over the world.  Such events present unique challenges to infectious disease...