Yersinia pestis

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Bubonic Plague Presence in Kyrgyzstan
Sep 5, 2013 | Steven Purcell

A 15 year old boy died from bubonic plague in Kyrgyzstan last week. Purportedly, his was the first known case in the country for 30 years. It was...

Officials Find Plague in California Squirrel
Jul 30, 2013 | Naomi Nkinsi

Table Mountain campgrounds at Angeles National Forest closed on July 24 after officials found plague bacteria in a squirrel in the area, according to...

From Poor to Rich: The Migration of the Plague in the United States
Jun 21, 2012 | Alex Ocampo

The plague, once a disease affecting mostly lower socioeconomic communities in the United States, has made a shift to middle and upper class...